Sosialisasi dan Rancang Bangun Sistem Informasi klinik Hewan Pada Kedonganan Veterinary Berbasis Website


  • putu sugiartawan STMIK STIKOM Indonesia
  • I Wayan Agus Putra Permana Fakultas Teknik Informatika, STMIK STIKOM Indonesia
  • Ni made mila rosa desmayani Fakultas Teknik Informatika, STMIK STIKOM Indonesia


The kedonganan veterinary is a clinic specifically intended for pets. This veterinary clinic has a wide range of services that are adequate for pets, including inspection of sick animals, sales of food and accessories, as well as shelter for abandoned animals. In this study, the problem was found, namely the system in medical services and products in the veterinary clinic, and the public's lack of interest in adopting animals in the veterinary clinic. One solution that solves this problem is the existence of an animal clinic information system for animal-based site kedonganan, which aims to make it easier for people to schedule treatment for pets, search for products, and carry out adoptions on animals, which are available in animal clinics kedonganan veterinarian. From testing with the BlackBox testing method on the veterinary clinic information system at kedonganan veterinary-based sites that have been made, it can show that the system has been running according to the system in accordance with the previously designed scenario.