Rancang Bangun Sistem Otomatisasi Penyiraman Jamur dan Edukasi Penggunaan Alat Pada Kelompok Usaha Tani Ong Pacung


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 White oyster mushrooms are also called wood mushrooms because they grow on weathered wood. This fungus grows well during the rainy season, a good optimum temperature for growth and fruit body formation is 25̊C. Seeing the potential of mushrooms that can grow throughout the year and the nutritional content contained in oyster mushrooms are factors that trigger farmers to be interested in cultivating oyster mushrooms. In oyster mushroom cultivation, air temperature plays an important role to get good mushroom quality. The optimal temperature for the growth of oyster mushrooms is divided into two phases, namely the incubation phase which requires air temperatures ranging from 22-28oC with humidity of 60-70%. To get optimal results, farmers must really keep the moisture from oyster mushrooms so that farmers have to frequently water the mushrooms. The development of automation technology has been going on for a long time, by using this technology human work will become more efficient and the products produced will also be of higher quality. By combining this system, it is expected that the production process can be run automatically as needed, for example in regulating the watering process on Oyster Mushrooms. So far, the manual watering method is not very effective in cultivating mushrooms because it has to maintain the humidity of the mushrooms, so farmers only rely on thermometers to determine the room temperature. Farmers need a tool that can help ease the activity of watering oyster mushrooms. Education on the use of these tools is in the form of a system that can work automatically, where watering plants can be done at the right time and temperature, which can directly assist farmers in cultivating mushrooms.